NDIS Support Coordination

NDIS Support Coordination

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PriviCare NDIS Support Coordination

When you come to us with your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan, we connect you with a Support Coordinator who we believe will best suit you, to help not only with understanding your plan, but also to make sure that you receive the most benefit in achieving a balanced and happy lifestyle. Your PriviCare Support Coordinator will review your funded supports, manage your plan budgets, and work with you to confidently access the service you require to make life more manageable.

Funded support services are vital components of an NDIS plan. However, it is often difficult for participants living with physical and psychosocial disabilities to manage the various arrangements under their plan on their own. That’s where PriviCare’s support coordination services come in. Our organisation specialises in both NDIS support coordination and specialist support coordination, bringing targeted assistance to people living with varying levels of disabilities. We cater to high-risk mental health candidates, high physical support recipients, and those with psychosocial issues who require social guidance from the experienced and committed Support Coordinator/s who choose to work with PriviCare.

What is an NDIS Support Coordinator?

Very simply, a Support Coordinator is there to assist in helping a client navigate through the services funded under their NDIS plan and engaged with the services that suit you. PriviCare places significant emphasis on individually centred support, participant choice and control, measurable goals and attainable outcomes for your continued health and well-being. Our support coordinator/s play an integral part in any NDIS plan, as they help you understand and implement the scope of your plan, as well as facilitate access to relevant support services. Their primary goal is to link you to suitable services in the community, both mainstream and NDIS funded.

Furthermore, your assigned coordinator will work with you to negotiate with providers about what they can offer and the associated costs so that you can maximize your core budget. Additionally, support coordinator/s help clients attend appointments and use services efficiently to increase capacity in relationships, live more independently, and be included as an active member of the community.

What are the Levels of Support?

Level 1 – Support Connection

These are basic level supports and assistance, which help you to connect with informal community and funded services.

Level 2 – Coordination of Supports

This is primarily skill-based assistance, enabling you to build the skills that you need to understand, implement and get optimal use from your NDIS plan.

Level 3 – Specialist Support Coordination

This is for individuals whose needs are more complex and have special requirements that need to be consistent in a challenging environment. They also involve accessing qualified and higher-level practitioners such as Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Social Workers.

Benefits of Support Coordination

The main benefit is that for those who are not wholly abled, NDIS offers people choices in how they want to live. They can choose the services and supports they need and also decide when and how these services are to be delivered. A support coordinator provides responsible assistance and aids in this process, organising services and making sure that the client doesn’t feel alone and overwhelmed by the scheme.

PriviCare Can Help

Our organisation places a significant emphasis on individually centred support, measurable goals and attainable outcomes. Everyone is different, and at PriviCare our leading services are tailored to individual needs which empower you to reach your goals, and live your life the way you want to.

What We Do

At PriviCare, we believe everyone has the right to live a rich and fulfilling life that is not defined by disability. Our service is designed to empower people to fulfill their potential and make informed decisions about their future and the services they wish to receive. We specialise in supporting people with a wide range of disabilities including: high risk mental health, high physical support needs, autism spectrum disorder, psychosocial issues, complex behaviours, acquired brain injuries and more.

Who We Are

PriviCare delivers services characterised by innovation and wisdom, and our focus is on acceptance and working alongside our clients to achieve positive change and growth. We are always adapting to stay ahead of an ever-changing society and confidently speak out for fairness and justice. We strive in partnership with clients, communities, governments and other providers.


We recognise that you are unique, as are your needs and goals, we understand that each participant has their own rights, history, spirituality, beliefs and culture. By demonstrating understanding and empathy for others, we ensure that these are fully respected while bringing holistic care, hope and inspiration.


We continuously seek your engagement and participation, and work with you and your loved ones to enhance your wellbeing, achieve your goals and get the best possible outcomes for you. We value and promote equal opportunities and ensure everybody is heard and their needs understood.