Psychosocial Recovery Coaching & Rehabilitation

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching & Rehabilitation

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Psychosocial Recovery Coaching & Rehabilitation

PriviCare is a trusted provider of high-quality NDIS disability support services that includes psychosocial recovery coaching as well as capacity and skill building. PriviCare provides participants with an experienced & qualified Psychosocial Recovery Coach. Our goal is to facilitate psychosocial rehabilitation and mental health recovery through one-to-one support, and by coordinating targeted and suitable health services. 

PriviCare believes that it’s important for all our clients to have a good understanding of what a psychosocial disability actually is, and how it impacts a person’s capabilities in life as well as their living conditions. We recognize how family and friends’ quality of life can also be significantly affected when caring for their loved ones who may find it a challenge to maintain adequate self-care and mental health. For instance, you could have trouble managing your mental health or experience a personal crisis, you may need a Psychosocial Recovery Coach. They may also experience intense stress and anxiety or suffer from dependencies and addiction.

Psychosocial Disabilities: The Role of Psychosocial Disability Recovery and the NDIS

Psychosocial disabilities generally refer to mental health issues that can seriously affect an individual’s ability to function successfully in day-to-day life. These mental and behavioural issues usually keep people living with them from participating in the community. Individuals living with psychosocial disabilities also tend to experience poor living conditions, enduring devastating social disadvantages. 

Moreover, a decline of mental health and personal organisational skills can also keep individuals from organizing their housing necessities, generating income, running a household, establishing and maintaining relationships, and keeping appointments. Indeed, the impact of psychosocial disabilities can be detrimental, and not all social services are able to offer extended help. This is why providers of psychosocial recovery coaching and the NDIS work together to provide extensive support services to participants dealing with psychosocial disabilities.

For individuals looking for dependable psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery services, PriviCare offers a caring and comprehensive support service that covers an individual’s social needs and helps them live an improved life. Our comprehensive service includes a personally structured plan, crisis support, and personalised coaching to achieve the best results.

How PriviCare Helps With Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Mental Health Recovery

In all, psychosocial disabilities do not only affect the individuals who have them, but the people and community around them, too. One answer to this community problem lies in making available a useful and comprehensive support system for people who suffer with mental health problems. This is where the NDIS comes in. Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) operates to provide essential support services through providers like PriviCare, who are committed to offering competitive and high-level care to those in need. PriviCare focuses on achieving your short and long term goals through coaching services with a holistic approach, giving clients a sense of safety, trust and confidence.

PriviCare offers individualised psychosocial recovery services that help keep NDIS participants with mental health challenges from making repeated hospital visits, wherein they are sometimes escorted by police and administered medications that may not be suitable for them. As we prevent such from happening as much as possible, we are able to help clients gain more stability in life with less traumatic interruption. This is achieved by building a steady relationship with the client and creating a life coaching program that relies on regular visits by the same psychosocial recovery coach each time. These visits include regular appointments with appropriate coaching and recovery services and accessing beneficial activities to promote well-being and enhanced life skills. PriviCare is very invested in providing this service as it can help relieve alleviate pressure on family and friends. Ultimately, our approach allows people with a psychosocial disability to live well and live their best life.

There are many ways the NDIS funds services to assist people in living independently. One is by engaging providers to guide and support clients to make realistic pathways into the right accommodation that are secure and stable. PriviCare has Psychosocial Recovery Coaches available who will promote a person’s general well-being, and make sure that their physical and mental health are correctly monitored. Supports like these make a huge difference in a client’s general physical and mental health, and help normalise everyday activities that previously they may have found too difficult to engage with; for example, clients who struggle with daily needs can then engaged with the right supports, or get much needed and regular counselling with their chosen practitioner.

When disadvantaged community members are afflicted with mental illness, intellectual disability or acquired brain injury make up a large number of the homeless, the incarcerated or drug and alcohol service users, real social support can be found through the NDIS. Through NDIS psychosocial recovery support, people living with a psychosocial mental health condition can benefit from the reduction of self-isolation, homelessness, self-neglect, deteriorating health and stressful experiences with the public hospital system. PriviCare works with the NDIS to provide this support, and is committed to assisting their psychosocial clients in a caring, responsible, and professional manner. We believe that when disadvantaged community members receive this level of funded care, the social and life-long gains for the participant and impact on their local community will be greater. PriviCare is proud to be an integral part of this process, and we invite you to be part of our mission!

To learn more about our NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coaching, contact us! Let us talk about how we can help you, your loved ones, and the community.