NDIS Assistance With Daily Life and Community Participation

NDIS Assistance with Daily Life and Community Participation

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Assistance with Daily Living and Community Participation

Here at PriviCare, we understand that trust takes time when you bring a Support Worker into your life, whether it is to provide assistance with accessing the community, therapy assistance, or psychosocial recovery coaching

We also know how important it is to maintain your independence — that’s why we provide a range of daily living supports to help you continue to live life your way. Our personal care staff make sure that participants receive useful and adequate assistance and care to ensure their daily needs are met. 

Moreover, aside from assistance with daily living at home, PriviCare will also help you immerse yourself with your community safely and confidently. We are committed to ensuring that you stay connected with others and play a more active role in your community. Whether you want to start a new hobby or get a job, we’ll support you in discovering and performing activities that best suit you.

Assistance with Daily Living

PriviCare has qualified and experienced staff to assist you with daily support needs. We offer meal planning assistance and of course, assist in serving the meal as well. Our meal assistance programs are designed to ensure that participants eat healthy meals on time without causing little to no disruption in their daily routine.


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