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PriviCare Offers Comprehensive NDIS Disability Support Services in Victoria

Are you looking for reliable disability support services in Victoria? True enough, there are a number of disability support providers that operate across metro and regional Victoria. However, even though many of them can indeed provide you with disability support services, it’s still important to look for a provider you can trust. PriviCare is a pioneering NDIS disability services provider that offers quality disability support services that are tailored to help people living with disabilities maintain their independence and a good quality of life. Our services are also designed to help you achieve your NDIS plan goals. 

PriviCare offers the following NDIS support services:

PriviCare Offers Assistance With Daily Life

Here at PriviCare, we believe that everyone should be given the assistance they need to live independently. NDIS Assistance with Daily Living is a funded support that comes under the category of Core Supports. It includes assistance with daily personal activities to help you live a normal life at home and in the community.

It would be best to choose a provider who focuses on Assistance with Daily Life and can offer various daily living services to ensure that you keep living your life your way. The provider should also give you valuable, appropriate assistance and care to meet your everyday needs.

PriviCare offers dependable assistance with daily living and community participation support for people living with disabilities. We have qualified, experienced, and caring staff to assist you with your daily needs.

PriviCare’s personal care staff makes sure that participants receive proper and adequate assistance and care to ensure that their daily needs are met. 

You can count on your PriviCare support worker to do the following:

  • Caregiving
  • Toileting & Bathroom
  • Meal Preparation
  • Therapy Assistance
  • High Physical Support Needs
  • Mental Health/Psychosocial

PriviCare Offers NDIS Accommodation Support and Respite Services

With our respite care services, we will provide short-term accommodation for your loved one so you or their carer can take a break from daily care responsibilities while a professional caregiver fills in for you. PriviCare support workers give you the opportunity to attend to personal appointments or errands, rest, recharge, and take care of themselves. We can provide respite care for a few hours or a week. Our Short Term Accommodation (STA) can be as little as a few nights away, and our Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) can even extend to a month to 90 days depending on your needs.

In searching for accommodation support and accommodation services, it would be best to look for a safe, clean and welcoming environment. It is also essential if you are adapting to a new way of living or looking for a new home, or transitioning out of the hospital. You need to look for safe accommodation properties that can meet your needs at the same time.

PriviCare offers short, medium & long-term accommodation for people with disabilities in Victoria. You have full control in choosing how long you want to stay in our accommodation properties!

PriviCare can assist you with finding:

– Assistance with daily living and increased community access  

– Private rental or shared accommodation

– Short-term accommodation

– Medium-term accommodation

– Long-term accommodation (Support Independent Living)

disability support services

PriviCare is Your Partner in NDIS Support Coordination

The funded supports included in your NDIS plan are important to help you achieve your goals, and for some people living with disabilities, managing these plans can be challenging. That is why they may need assistance with NDIS Support Coordination.

PriviCare specialises in support coordination (Level 2) and specialist support coordination (Level 3) that provides targeted support to people living with disabilities. Our services are customised to your specific needs to help you achieve your goals and live your life the way you like.

Your PriviCare support coordinator will take a tailored approach to implementing your NDIS plan and do the following:

  • Connect you with suitable service providers in your community.
  • Assist you in negotiating related expenses & obtaining best value for money.
  • Assist you in fulfilling appointments.
  • Assist you in understanding and setting your plan into action.
  • Help you develop your ability to be more independent.
  • Support you in navigating the NDIS plan’s funded services.
Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Not all disabilities are seen. Psychosocial and mental health conditions can also affect people in different ways, impacting how they live and enjoy life. Fortunately, the NDIS can fund Psychosocial Recovery Coaching to help people living with mental health conditions lead productive lives.

Recovery coaches vary from support coordinators because they have specialized knowledge and skills in psychosocial recovery, mental health, and mental health system service navigation.

PriviCare’s has a team of experienced and qualified Psychosocial Recovery Coaches. As such, PriviCare’s Psychosocial Recovery Coaches can:

  • Assist you in establishing a recovery-enabling relationship and execute a recovery plan.
  • Assist you in developing a foundation for managing day-to-day situations.
  • Allow participants to choose how to get their support by offering digital and face-to-face coaching as necessary.
  • Coach you to develop your recovery skills, capacity building and personal capacities, such as decision-making, strengths, resiliency, and motivation.
  • Help you navigate the NDIS and implement the funded supports included in your plan.
Let PriviCare Help You Lead a Fulfilling Life

As a leading NDIS Disability Services provider serving participants across metro and regional Victoria. At PriviCare we pride ourselves in delivering essential support to people living with physical and mental health disabilities in the most responsible and consistent way possible. Our support and coaching services are designed specifically to help participants build independence by allowing them to make decisions and actively participate in the implementation of their NDIS plan. Ultimately, our goal is to help participants live happier and healthier lives.

PriviCare is dedicated to providing individually tailored support to help each participant achieve their NDIS plan goals. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us! You may call us at 1800-079-110 to talk to one of our professionals.



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